Philip M. Farrell, MD, PhD

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The MAMA system

The MAMA system better aligned academic efforts and funding resources.

Developing Mission-Based Budgeting

One of Dr. Farrell's first significant accomplishments as Dean was to create a new practice plan and budgeting process for the over 1000 physicians affiliated with the UW Medical School. This plan, entitled the Mission Aligned and Managment Allocation (MAMA), was developed to better align academic funds with faculty and staff efforts.

The MAMA system created a clear framework for distributing resources at the Medical School, established academic incentives to balance clinical incentives, and facilitated long-term planning by generating more accurate information about the costs and financing of our missions.

MAMA's implementation, the details of which were published in the national journal Academic Medicine, changed the vocabulary of the school's budgeting processes and helped lay the foundation for numerous development projects to come.

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